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If a client wants to make other changes at a later time, We factor in the costs and write up a change order.  That makes the transition very comfortable.  People like detailed change orders so they know their finances throughout the project.

We are very competitive with any builder who can provide the quality and craftsmanship that we can.  We provide clients with a full two-year warranty that guarantees we'll be there promptly for any needed attention, should any arise.

We build homes that will be around for the next century.  It's our  pleasure to turn out a product that our clients are as proud of as we are.
Building a Foundation of Quality & Style

Terry Hovanec, owner of T.H. Construction, Inc., specializes in true custom homes.  The majority of his homes feature more demanding roof framing, unique window styles and very upscale interiors.

When building large, medium or smaller homes, our attention is yours until your home is complete. 

We pride ourselves on establishing good communications with each client.  We meet multiple times and express to them building can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.  Our philosphy is , there are no problems, only solutions.  Whatever challenges we may come up against, there is always some alternate way to make things work out.

We take time to address any questions or concerns expressed by our clients. This is prudent in assuring they remain at a high comfort level. 

Once construction begins, we visit with them at the site as often as possible, everyday if they like.  As construction progresses from the first floor to the second floor, or we get a deck down and start with wall lines snapped out, it is an opportunity for a client to get a feel for room size.  If the client questions the size of a closet, or the placement of a door, we make adjustments free of charge.




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